Journey Of a Warrior

Journey Of a Warrior

This story is about a beautiful and lively kingdom, Eirene, ruled by the king, Chrestos. The people of Eirene were pleased with the king's kindness. And together, they lived with love and peace.  

However, one day a sorcerer appears in the kingdom, and with his dark magic, he bewitches everything that comes in his way.

Whereas the king seemed helpless because he tried everything, but nothing works against his black magic.

Then the king called Ariston into the castle. Ariston was a knight commander and renowned for his courage and intellect. 

King Chrestos said that the sorcerer grows unstoppable every minute, and the only way to stop him is the stone of Ruah

But the stone is hidden somewhere in a cave of Erebus, Which is really far away from the Eirene. Additionally, a gigantic guard is guarding that stone. Though, whoever went there never come back.

Ariston, you are the only hope for the people of Eirene. Or the kingdom will sink into the darkness one can never imagine.

Ariston has decided to go and bring the stone for the sake of his people. But you have to go alone because we need our army here, the king said. He agreed, and without wasting a single second, he begins his journey towards the cave. 

As he reached, he enters the cave. The cave was dark and cold. He starts looking for the stone. After a few moments later, he has realized that he is standing in front of the giant. And a shiny white-colored stone is right behind him.

As he moved towards the stone, the giant attacked him. Ariston has fought with him for a while. 

But soon, he has realized that it is impossible to defeat him with strength. The only way to defeat him is to trick him. So, Ariston has climbed over him through his sword when he tries to smash him with it. Thereby, instead of crashing him, the giant has destroyed himself. 

The cave was starting to collapse. Therefore, the Ariston has grabbed the stone and run to escape the cave. 

The stone of Ruah has reversed the effect of magic, and the king gives the command to imprison the sorcerer. The Eirene has come to its life again.

Journey Of a Warrior

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